Bug Hotels

Bug hotel – learning outside 

If you have young children and are not a teacher, you will by now have figured out how hard it is to find ways to keep them entertained whilst also providing some meaningful education. Here at Great Grounds Education we are experts in learning outside and in this current situation, getting children outside to expend some energy and learn at the same time is crucial.
I’ve worked in primary schools for many years and was an Early Years teacher for 6 years with the British Forces. During my time working in schools I noticed that children were not getting outside the classroom enough and when they did it was just to run around. I quickly realised that a big opportunity was being missed to teach the children whilst they were outside and about nature including bugs and animals, something I found that really interests them.

I developed a series of workshops that we deliver in schools and at our Education Center which are immensely popular. So to help parents during long periods at home, I have decided to put these workshops into a series of blogs with downloadable resources to get children learning outside while having fun. These blogs are nice and easy for you to do with your children and don’t require anything that shouldn’t already be in your home or readily available at the supermarket when doing your essential shopping.

We are going to start building some items for wildlife investigation later. In this blog we are going to be building a few different bug hotels that will be fantastic for investigation in a few weeks. I have created an instruction sheet for you to follow and a tree identification sheet for you to take while collecting your sticks and brash. The most important thing to remember while doing this and all of our exercises is to have FUN!

For all of our activities there are a few things that you will need from the home and these should be readily available. The rest of the items required will need to be collected from the garden or while out on your daily exercise walk.

Below you will find instructions for our bug hotels and a tree identification sheet to take with you. 

Click one of the images below for the downloadable instructions

I have used objects that are readily available in this exercise but if you have some tac pins, hammer and 4″width wood you can build the box with the same measurements or as big as you like.I hope you and your children enjoy this activity and remember to come back next week for the next installment of our blog where we will be making mini-wildlife ponds for your garden. Over the next few weeks there will be hedgehog homes, footprint traps, dandelion tea and much more. See you next time.