Bug Hunt

Bug Hunt

Good morning and welcome to the third installment of our Outdoor Learning Blog. Thank you for reading the first installments and I hope you enjoyed doing the activities with your children.

I thought I’d do a quick one to start this week, as the weather is perfect for bug hunting now it has become a little wetter and it’s the perfect time of year too. I have attached an information sheet so you can teach your children some information regarding creepy crawlies.

A great activity to do with them is get the children to take photos of all the bugs and find names on the internet by writing in the description for each bug. This is a good way to get the children describing and looking at them in detail. You don’t really need anything for this activity, it’s just a fantastic way of getting the children outside and investigating nature. You could take a little plastic pot or Tupperware tub to collect the bugs and a net to help catch them.

So let’s get started, download the bug guide and as always remember the most important thing is to have fun with your children.

Click one of the images below for the downloadable instructions