Contracting Services


Contracting Services

Grounds Maintenance and Landscaping

We know from experience how difficult it can be for schools to find contractors who have a real understanding of how to make the most of school grounds. Great Grounds have a unique understanding of how to maximise the potential of your school grounds and use this knowledge to provide schools with a full range of grounds maintenance and landscaping services using our own specially trained staff.

Great Grounds not only provide these standard services but also can provide complementary workshops alongside projects, providing children with real experiences of people at work.


At Great Grounds we pride ourselves on providing schools with the best outdoor environments possible. We can design and construct ever-changing environments using a range of natural and recycled materials, continually finding ways to develop features to create ever-changing settings. Great Grounds will work with you in every aspect of the project from start to finish to ensure your school grounds are perfect for the staff and children in your school. Hard landscapes provide the structure to create beautiful surroundings but more importantly create a catalyst for teaching and learning. There are proven social and emotional benefits from spending as little as 10 minutes outside the classroom, so with a specifically designed environment, children often are more focused and likely to engage with learning in new and exciting ways.

Projects could include practical necessities like cycle shelters, drainage, fencing, kerbs and paving in addition to environmental features like rainwater harvesting tanks or greywater filtration systems. Other project ideas could include climbing features, lakes and pond construction or tree and shrub planting. We can also provide free workshops linked to projects we install that encourage the children to take part and be involved in the work giving them ownership of their school grounds promoting emotional and social wellbeing.

Grounds maintenance

A well-maintained setting is an essential element in creating an inviting environment that children are keen to explore. High-quality garden maintenance can play a vital part in outside learning experiences, creating a safe an exciting environment to play and learn. The services we provide include grass cutting, woodland management, Japanese Knotweed control, sports field mowing and line marking, in addition to more innovative services like creating on-site composting facilities, wildlife garden management, vegetable and kitchen garden maintenance. Linked to the work being undertaken in your school, we can also provide free workshops that encourage children to take part and be involved in the work giving them ownership of their school and widening their horizons.

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