Weekly in school gardening sessions


Gardening Club

Our weekly Gardening Club sessions provide high-quality hands-on lessons for all children in your school. Sessions are generally delivered outside the classroom to 3 groups of up to 10 children over a half day session and delivered every week over the school year.

Research shows that all children should learn outside and our weekly sessions are particularly beneficial for disadvantaged, disengaged or SEN children, who often respond well to learning within small groups. Each session will last between 45 minutes up to 1 hour to encourage maximum engagement and enjoyment by the children whilst also achieving a broad range of learning outcomes. 

Key points

  • A strong emphasis on cross-curricula sessions, where learners will be able to study the full curriculum in a more relaxed setting.
  • We link to termly curriculum topics, supporting teachers to deliver follow up sessions.
  • Encourage school enterprise by selling produce
  • Parents are encouraged to get involved, strengthening the home/ school link.
  • Creates great opportunities for community projects that encourage relationships and links with the wider community.
  • Children are taught about the cycle of nature and growing including composting, bug hunts, the environment and food growing.
  • We can work with the school chef who can create meals with produce grown by the children and help them recycle their green waste which ultimately can be used in the planting beds as compost.
  • Encourage and support the school to enter competitions such as local flower shows, celebrating what they have achieved, giving meaning and purpose to the activities that they have undertaken.

Curriculum Links

Maths – Working out areas, using graphs, calculation, different measurements and estimation
History – We will learn about uses for plants by our ancestors
English – Use discussion in order to learn. The children will have the chance to elaborate, explain clearly and become competent in their understanding of the subject. They can use ideas, speak, listen and do formal presentations. Participate in debates which could focus on wildlife habitats, life cycles, ecosystems and the history of plants.
Science – Identification of plants and plant parts, life cycles and habitats, ecosystems, water cycle, ph levels and weather.
Reading and Writing – Encourage and support reading and writing around the subject matter, enhancing their reading and writing skills throughout all subjects.
Sustainability – Management of habitats in the environment to produce a thriving ecosystem. This can also link to Eco School topics

Standard Workshops are charged at £200 per half day session

All our sessions link to the curriculum and will have a focus on different types of careers. This combination of additional input widens a child’s horizon and creates a better understanding of the world around them. Parents too can get an insight into different jobs and the wide range of skills that people have that often go unnoticed.


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